Funding Requests 

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If you have a funding request, please fill out the funding request. Please do this at least one week before the next BECS PTO meeting. All requests for money must be submitted online and will be voted on by the BECS PTO. In order for your request to be given adequate and fair consideration, the PTO requests that you, or someone representing the request, attend the next meeting to answer questions about how this benefits students and how this fits the BECS PTO's funding guidelines.  Also - please bring along all relevant price quotes and ordering information. 

Guidelines for Funding Requests

Bromley East Charter School PTO will consider, but not be restricted by, the following guidelines when funding requests are made:

  1. The request will serve majority of students

  2. The request will serve a population of students with a need not being met by another means.

  3. The request will serve a grade level of students over a period of years to enrich all students when they reach that grade level.

  4. The request will serve students in a unique manner deemed worthy of funds.


Every effort is made by the PTO to be fair and equitable when considering funding requests for teachers, staff, and students. While the PTO would like to honor all requests for funds, we have a limited amount of funding to work with. The PTO gives preference to funding requests that will impact as many BECS students, families, and faculty as possible, with consideration given to those that provide a longer-term benefit. Please recognize that every request is considered important, but a requested item or service must advance the PTO’s mission to foster the relationship between school, home, and community for the academic success of all of our students.



*Previous allocations will be taken into consideration when a request for funds is made to the BECS PTO